“Antisocial” by Ed Sheeran (with Travis Scott)

As the title suggests, this song is about an “antisocial” mood that the artists are in. This doesn’t mean, particularly in the case of Ed Sheeran, that they are secluding themselves. Rather he prefers to be out on the town but in his own zone. That means for instance that he does not want people disturbing him (due to his celebrity). He is also using the ‘loud music’ in his surroundings as a form of therapy. Moreover Ed states that he “wants to riot”, meaning that the reason for his self-imposed seclusion is likely founded in a considerable degree of angst, which it would not be wise for anyone to aggravate.

Meanwhile when Travis Scott states that he ‘needs room’, all things considered it reads more like he does not want anyone around except maybe the lady he is currently dealing with.

But there is another similarity between the artists’ dispositions besides just wanting some me time.  That is they both intend on getting drunk during the process, as a form of self-medication if you will. Here, the state of intoxication is apparently serving as a means to “drown all of (their) issues”.

But the bottom line is that this song is intended to let the audience know that, at the particular moment it is taking place, dudes just want to be left alone. Or to once again quote Ed Sheeran, he is not going to “let nothing come in between (him) and the night”. In other words, they just intend to spend the evening drowning their sorrows in booze, thoroughly undisturbed by unwanted associations.

Antisocial lyrics

Release Date of “Antisocial”

This song was first teased by its recording engineer, Tre Nagella, via Instagram on 31 October 2018. And while leaks occurred along the way, Atlantic Records and Asylum Records did eventually officially release “Antisocial”, along with the rest of Ed Sheeran’s “No. 6 Collaborations Project”, on 12 July 2019.

 Music Video

The music video to the song was directed by Dave Meyers and debuted on the same day as the track’s release. It features references to a number of popular movies as well as live-action animation special effects and the artists even wearing colorful wigs.


Travis Scott and Ed Sheeran wrote “Antisocial” along with Joseph Saddler and the track’s producer, Fred Gibson.

Was “Antisocial” released as one of No.6 Collaborations Project‘s singles?

Yes. It actually was the sixth and the last single Sheeran released from this album. Below are all the singles from No.6 Collaborations Project:

Is this Ed Sheeran’s first collabo with Travis Scott?

Yes, prior to “Antisocial”, Sheeran had never worked with Travis on a released track.

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