“Highest in the Room” by Travis Scott (ft. Lil Baby)

Travis Scott’s “Highest in the Room” is a song based on the theme of substance consumption. The titular term “highest in the room” points to the idea of the artists being more heavily under the influence of intoxicants than anyone else in the vicinity.  In Travis Scott’s case this is due to being boozed and apparently enjoying grass. But Lil Baby alludes to the idea of consuming some potentially-harder substances, such as the misuse of pain killers.

There is also the subtheme of Travis Scott in particular being in love with a certain lady. Fans have concluded that these parts of the song are actually references to his well-known romance with reality-TV star Kylie Jenner.

So conclusively, we can say that this is a song about love and substance usage. The artists are thoroughly smashed, and in the midst of it all Travis Scott cites a romantic relationship he is in.

Lyrics of "Highest in the Room"

Facts about “Highest in the Room”

Rapper Young Thug provides some background vocals on “Highest in the Room”. However, he isn’t officially featured on this track. The track features only Lil Baby.

The track was produced by Oz and Nik D. Both producers also assisted Travis and Baby in penning the song’s lyrical portion.

The teasing of this song began back in April of 2019, being initiated by Kylie Jenner herself. And “Highest in the Room” will be officially released on 4 October 2019.

Is this the first time Travis Scott is working with Lil Baby?

Yes. Prior to “Highest in the Room”, Scott had never collaborated with Lil Baby (at least on an officially released track).

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