“Hop Off a Jet” by Young Thug (ft. Travis Scott)

As would be expected on a song by Young Thug and Travis Scott, the primary focus on the lyrics of “Hop Off a Jet” is the artists’ extravagant wealth. Thus the title not only alludes to the idea of them having private access to jets but also the option to even use such as a means of transportation, even for casual travel. But on a practical level they may instead opt to use some ridiculously-expensive whip, like the Rolls-Royce Cullinan which costs well over a quarter-million dollars. 

And of course all of this boasting is presented within the contexts of impressing women and presenting themselves as being generally superior to other dudes. So we can say at the end of the day that both Young Thug and his co-star are rich, living it up and want the entire world to know that they enjoy such a lifestyle.

Lyrics of “Hop Off a Jet”

Quick Facts

300 Entertainment, Atlantic Records, the Warner Music Group and Young Stoner Life Records released this track as part of the Deluxe Edition of Young Thug’s album “So Much Fun” on 20 December 2019.

Young Thug has teamed up with Travis Scott numerous times in the past, dating back to 2014. In fact on “So Much Fun” itself, there are three collaborations between the artists.

And “Hop Off a Jet” was written by the pair in conjunction with the track’s producer, Wheezy.

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