Meaning of “Hyaena” by Travis Scott

As illustrated most pointedly in the intro and outro, which are respectively held down by Derek Shulman and George Clinton, this song (“Hyaena”) is presumably meant to speak to Travis’s resiliency and success in the face of adversity.  

“Hyaena” is the opening song to “Utopia”, Scott’s first album since the Astroworld disaster of 2021. The disaster in question saw 10 attendees die at a concert he was hosting. The attendees were killed in a stampede that commenced while he was performing. 

As such, the rapper proceeded to experience notable backlashes on a number of different fronts, and for a time there, it did appear that his music career might be over. But here we are approximately two years later, with Travis dropping what may prove to be the biggest rap album of the year.

So on one hand, yes, his lyrics do speak to flourishing in the face of adversity. However, making such references is more or less standard as far as these types of rap songs go. And what we mean by these types are those which are primarily braggadocious in nature. 

But it should also be pointed out that the second verse in particular has sort of a communal tone to it, i.e. Scott celebrating his formidability beside an unnamed addressee, which may be his “squad”, whom he shouts out. 

And overall this track isn’t an exercise in extreme boasting, i.e. Travis harping on the fact that he’s reportedly worth over $50 million and things of the such. Instead it can be deemed that they focus more on his resiliency in what can be defined as a chaotic world. And as for the title, which is not mentioned in the lyrics, one safe assumption is it being meant to allude to the vocalist’s tenacity.

“Know about it, know about it
Know about it, know about it”


“Hyaena” was brought to life through the combined efforts of ten songwriters, including Travis Scott. Below is the complete list of writers of “Hyaena”:

  • Andy Votel
  • Derek Shulman
  • Eddie Hazel
  • George Clinton
  • Kerry Minnear
  • Noah Goldstein
  • Ray Shulman
  • Travis Scott
  • WondaGurl

Release Date of “Hyaena”

The fourth studio album of Travis Scott, “Utopia,” was unveiled on July 28th, 2023. “Hyaena” is one of the tracks on the record.


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