Meaning of “Looove” by Travis Scott (ft. Kid Cudi)

The title of this song (“Looove”), as apparently implied by the chorus, points to how Scott’s fandom adores him.  And the first verse likewise makes an attempt to stick to that topic. 

But outside of that, i.e. in terms of Travis’s second verse as well as Kid Cudi’s contribution, “Looove” is more along the lines of mainstream rap braggadocio. For instance, we have the rappers bragging about their playa lifestyles, including Cudi mocking dudes whose girls he has slept with. 

And in the grand scheme of things there really isn’t anything unusual being relayed here, as even the way Travis goes about celebrating his fandom can be considered to be in a prideful way.

What is sorta interesting or unusual, in a manner of speaking, is that both artists reference the fashion industry, with Scott mentioning “Vogue b*-ches” (i.e. models) and the Kid referring to “fashion week in Paris”. But that reality is probably due to the fact that hip-hoppers seem to be becoming increasingly involved with the world of formal fashion, even in some of its highest echelons.

“I get it, I get it, I get it, love
They love me, they love me, love me long time”

Credits for “Looove”

The composition of this tune was a collaborative effort led by Travis Scott and two other writers, including Kid Cudi. Pharrell Williams is also credited as a writer.

With regards to the production, this was taken care of by the song’s co-writers (Scott and Williams) alongside Buddy Ross.

Release Date

Travis Scott officially launched his fourth studio album, “Utopia,” on July 28th, 2023, and “Looove” is one of the tracks to be found on the album. Since it wasn’t released as a single, it shares the same date of release as its album.

This album, which was released via Epic Records and Travis’ own label Cactus Jack, was marketed by the following singles:


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