Meaning of “CHopstix” by ScHoolboy Q & Travis Scott

“Chopsticks” are the item used to describe what position Schoolboy Q (supported by Travis Scott) likes to see his woman’s legs in. Putting what has just been said succinctly, Schoolboy wants her legs to be in an upright, open position like these utensils are commonly held in. As such, the song is primarily centered on his intimate exploits. And secondary themes are his cashflow and ‘wild’ lifestyle.

Once Schoolboy sees a shorty that he “gotta have”, he is going to go all-out by spending dough and manifesting other displays of wealth in order to impress her. In fact the way he spreads her out will make other people jealous. Her ex-boyfriend also becomes his rival. And overall he has much confidence in his ability to please women. 

Ultimately he feels like the woman he is addressing will greatly benefit by associating with him while he also gets to fulfill his intimate desires.

In terms of Q’s cash flow, this is manifest in his seeming ability to have this woman hopping in and out of different extraordinary whips while interacting with him. And although Schoolboy only briefly references street violence and “wilding”, the general feel and lingo of the song is one in which you can tell that it is definitely being put forth by a G.

But where’s Travis Scott in the song?

Travis Scott is only present in the chorus, where he continually repeats the word “chopsticks”. And to think he gets paid for doing so is nothing short of interesting to us! 

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