Meaning of “K-POP” by Travis Scott, Bad Bunny & The Weeknd

Put simply, “K-Pop” paints a picture of a lavish, party-filled lifestyle combined with a passionate relationship. The vocalists (Travis Scott, Bad Bunny, and The Weeknd) all recall their respective experiences with a certain woman and their indulgent, high-paced lives.

In verse 1, Travis Scott uses a blend of party and trap references to describe his lifestyle and relationship. He’s living on the edge, yet he’s in control.

Bad Bunny, in verse 2, talks about his transformation, flaunting his upgraded lifestyle in Miami. He recalls past romantic experiences, and how carefree and wild they were.

The chorus signifies a nostalgia for a past intense romantic encounter. The singer yearns for that ‘fire’ to return and wants the woman to return when things are ‘cooler’ between them.

“I know it was one time
You feel like that winner (Winner)
That night was just so fire
I need you back sooner (Sooner)
You come back on this side
When she get back cooler (Cooler)
We run it back one time
I’m grabbin’ your uno (Uno)”

The Weeknd, in verse 3, gets more intimate, combining sensual and party themes. He describes an intense physical relationship with a woman, with references to drug use and wild partying, particularly in the South of France. Despite the party lifestyle, there’s an underlying emotional yearning.

What’s the Meaning of “K-Pop”?

It is very possible that the title, “K-Pop”, is a metaphor for the intoxicating, addictive nature of the lifestyles of the vocalists, much like the global craze for Korean pop music. Some of our analysts also say that the title could also possibly be used as a reference to the woman in the song being Korean, as hinted at in the lyrics.

Release Date of “K-POP”

This tune was formally released on 21st July, 2023. It serves as the third single to be released from Travis’ fourth studio album, which is titled “UTOPIA”.


All three artists co-wrote “K-POP” with its producers who are in the persons of:

  • BNYX®
  • Boi-1da
  • Jahaan Sweet
  • Illangelo
  • Dougie F

The Collaboration History

Bunny and Scott have worked with each other multiple times prior to “K-POP”. The same applies to Scott and Weeknd. However, “K-POP” is the first time that Bunny and The Weeknd are working together on a song.

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    1. yeah same but then The Weeknd mentioned a Korean women in his song idk it could just be like him trying to rhyme the lyrics

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