Meaning of “Legacy” by Offset (ft. Travis Scott & 21 Savage)

If there is one topic that stands out above the others mentioned in “Legacy”, it is gun violence.  Offset and 21 Savage dedicate considerable portions of their time on the track to enlightening the audience on how gangster they are. In Offset’s case, it is his ability and willingness to call “young ni**as” to perform hits for him while Savage, though possessing a crew also, seems more ready to pull the trigger himself.

The only one who really deviates from this topic altogether is Travis Scott. While some parts of his verse are incomprehensible, it boils down to a sentiment of him feeling he really can’t trust anyone, so he keeps to himself. 

Offset also brings up other issues such as his enviable wealth and women, though the latter in primarily an unfavorable fashion. 21 however, sticks almost solely to street violence, disses and threats. So ultimately, in terms of trying to ascertain why this track has been entitled “Legacy”, the logical conclusions would be the artists asserting their goal to establish a legacy in the music industry and/or one in the streets.

Facts about “Legacy”

  • Writer(s): This song was written by Offset, 21 Savage and Travis Scott.
  • Producer(s): Music producer Southside produced this track alongside his counterpart CuBeatz.
  • Album/EP: This song is featured on Offset’s 2019 debut solo album, “Father of 4”. That album also features such notable songs as “Red Room”, “How Did I Get Here” and “Father of 4”.
  • Release Date: “Legacy” was released on 22nd February 2019.
  • Interesting Stuff: Offset, 21 Savage and Travis Scott previously collaborated on a track together entitled “Ghostface Killers”, which was released in 2017. This is therefore not the trio’s first collaboration.

Did Offset release “Legacy” as a single?

No. The album Father of 4 was preceded by only one single, “Red Room”.

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