Meaning of “Telekinesis” by Travis Scott (ft. Future & SZA)

“Telekinesis”, as any comic book aficionado would likely be able to attest to, is the (fictional) ability to physically move an object only by thinking about doing so. But all lyrics considered, this song would have perhaps been more aptly titled “telepathy”. That is to say that the most notable subtheme permeating throughout would arguably be the rapport being the (main) male vocalist and his female counterpart.

Or as presented, Future is who he is. This includes him behaving in a “toxic”, i.e. off-putting manner even upon first meeting romantic interests.  In other words, he doesn’t give AF. But as inferred, women decide to deal with him regardless. 

And Sza adopts what can be deemed a related disposition, i.e. remaining faithful to her man even though he has his issues. Or as she puts it, neither one of them “ain’t sh*t”. But as for their relationship, it is ‘working for her’ nonetheless.

So despite headlining this song, Travis is actually tasked with holding down the intro and chorus, as well as engaging in some adlibbing. And the chorus is quite interesting because on one hand it reads prideful, as if the vocalist assuredly predicting that he and his will prevail. 

“I could see thе future, I could see the future (I can see the future)
I can see the future, it’s lookin’ like we level through the sky (Sky)

He continues:

I can’t wait to live in glory in eternal lastin’ life (Live in glory)
Won’t you take the wheel? And I recline and I sit still
Might as well turn up now, He gon’ pop up unannounced
To the trumpets, do you like the way it sounds? (Like the way it sound)”

Even though this track may have a romantic subtheme from the second verse going, in its entirety it does not read like a love song. So for example the chorus has more of a general applicability, seemingly pointing to the type of supreme confidence which the likes of Scott and Future are known to possess.

But it does feature some interesting terminology in that regard, such as Scott longing “to live in glory in eternal lasting life” and mentioning “trumpets”. Or put more bluntly, both of those references or observations may be of biblical origins. 

With that in mind, it has been pointed out (via a couple of fans and analysts) that this song was originally a work of Kanye West, with its working title being “Future Bounce”. So that would also explain why the word “future” is mentioned so many times outside of the actual verses.

In Conclusion

With all of that said, it should also be pointed out that many of the songs from “Utopia”, seem to have been inspired by Kanye’s style. 

With Yeezus being the premiere Christian rap artist of the day, it may be that Travis is looking up to him as a musical guide in his own time of trouble and humbling. That is not to imply that “Utopia” is a religious album. But it is kinda surprising, given Scott’s established modus operandi, that the project semi-regularly features ideas such as the rapper “dodging Lucifer”, even in “Telekinesis”, which outside its bridge and to some extent its chorus reads like standard rap braggadocio.

Writing Credits for “Telekinesis”

Travis Scott, Future and SZA are the creative minds behind the composition of “Telekinesis”. In writing the song, the trio collaborated with six others, namely:

  • Victory
  • Farsi
  • Nizzy
  • Jahaan Sweet
  • Nabeyin
  • Hudson Mohawke

Release Date

“Utopia” is the title of the fourth studio album from Travis Scott. The album, which contains “Telekinesis”, was released on 28th of July 2023.


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