Meaning of “Topia Twins” by Travis Scott (ft. 21 Savage & Rob49)

The word “topia” is actually a synonym, often used as a suffix, for a geographical region. You will notice that the title of the album this track (“Topia Twins”) is derived from is relatedly titled “Utopia”. But as for this particular song, first of the all the word “topia” is not found in its lyrics.

One way of understanding its title, since the chorus makes mention of “twin b*tches”, is as alluding to the idea of the vocalist sleeping with twin sisters, as both Rob49 and Travis Scott reference in their respective verses. So maybe where the “topia” comes into play is as alluding to them doing so in exotic location, as the chorus goes about mentioning the likes of beaches of jet skis.

“Sittin’ sideways with a drink while I think
Bi–hes get cold in the summer, keep a mink
Tell me what you do it for, better not think
Another ni–a do it for her, before you blink
Highway, movin’ right behind me, a fleet
If she get too annoyin’, find a beach
Twin bi–hes, twin bi—hes
Twin bi–hes hoppin’ off a jetski”

However, in the third verse, we have Travis Scott mentioning “twin Dracs” and “twin Glocks”, i.e. a set of identical guns that he owns. And going back to the chorus, the way “twin b*tches” is uttered is such that it can also point to the idea of the vocalist possessing an arsenal. However, we cannot determine how that concept, i.e. owning a pair of guns, may be related to the term “topia”.

That said, as with the other tracks we have thus far looked at from “Utopia”, a permeating subtheme throughout this one also appears to be the rappers’ sexual adventurism. For instance, Travis notes that his “favorite fetish” is dating ‘two top-tier twins’. And besides that, this track is moderately replete with guntalk. But more ear-catching are the sexual references, especially considering that the vocalists use a lot of NSFW terminology in that regard.

Release of “Topia Twins”

This track is from “Utopia”, Travis Scott’s fourth studio album, as issued on 28 July 2023. Besides his own label, Cactus Jack Records, this effort has also been backed by Epic Records.


Travis gets production credit for this song, alongside Cadenza, Dez Wright, Hoops and Wheezy. And all of the producers are also acknowledged as co-writers of “Utopia”, with 21 Savage and Rob 49.

This is the first time we’ve come across Rob49, who’s a rapper from New Orleans. This is also his first collaboration with Travis Scott, though Travis and 21 Savage have teamed up numerous times in the past, seemingly dating back to Scott’s 2016 song “Outside”.

Topia Twins

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