“Mile High” by James Blake (Ft. Metro Boomin and Travis Scott)

“Mile High” is the title of a song performed by singer James Blake. The track features the vocals of rappers  Metro Boomin and Travis Scott.

To begin with, membership in the “mile high club” is dependent on one major thing. And this one thing is a person being able to lay claim that he/she had a romantic encounter with someone else at an altitude of at least one mile in the air. And being that the artists claim to have met the sweetheart this track is centered on overseas, perhaps the “mile high clubbin’” referred to occurred on a plane while bringing her home. 

But in this track, the term “mile high” serves more as a metaphor for the artists’ ability to transport females around in a luxurious fashion. Perhaps it’ll be in a two-seat coupe. Or it can be a situation where one day they are “downtown” and the next “uptown”, being symbolic of his ability to move her from one ideal location to the next at a moment’s notice.

This song could also explain the euphoric sensation the artists feel when in the company of their beloved. It was love at first sight, and since then, the romance has just been a whirlwind of jet-setting. So more than anything, this song is a shoutout to the shorty and an ode to the desire to have her around on a one-on-one basis.

"Mile High" lyrics

Facts about “Mile High”

  • James Blake and four other songwriters penned this song, including Scott and Boomin. The other two are: Dre Moon and Wavy.
  • Blake worked with the song’s three other co-writers during the song’s production. Owing to this, all four songwriters are given production credits on the track.
  • January 17, 2019 was the release date of “Mile High”. Blake’s label Polydor Records released this as single number 2 from Blake’s fourth studio album Assume Form. The album was released about 24 hours after the single’s release.
  • With a length of 3:13, “Mile High” is the shortest song on the album Assume Form.
  • This track serves as Blake’s first collaboration with Metro Boomin. It however, isn’t Blake’s first with Travis Scott. He and Scott had worked together in the past. As a matter of fact, this was the pair’s third collaboration.

Does “Mile High” contain samples?

No. It doesn’t.

Where did this song premiere?

It premiered on the renowned Beats 1 radio show hosted by Zane Lowe.

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