Meaning of “Modern Jam” by Travis Scott (ft. Teezo Touchdown)

On one hand, we have Travis Scott using “Modern Jam” to allude to his sexual prowess. And on the other, he seems to be speaking to his efficacy as a musician, i.e. his ability to get the crowd hype. Indeed at the conclusion of the first verse, Scott drops the line “the way I make it jump, I make it hard to breathe” which, given a particular, controversial incident that recently transpired in his career, can be interpreted in, let’s say a potentially disturbing way.

Meanwhile, Teezo Touchdown’s contribution is a combination of the two aforementioned ideas. That is to say that, as far as his verse is concerned, he does refer to women ‘bouncing’, presumably as inspired by his music, though said instruction also obviously has a sexual connotation. 

And the chorus, whereas he refers to himself as a “truthbreaker, heartthrob… feather shaker” can be interpreted along similar lines, i.e. not only referring to the vocalist’s interactions with women but also the bounciness of his sound.

“It’s like, bright, tight
The annihilator, forever favor
True upgrader, you a shaker
Car breaker”

Writing Credits

Travis Scott composed “Modern Jam” with a team of songwriters consisting of the following:

  • Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo
  • Teezo Touchdown

One of the highlights of this song is without a shred of doubt the production (which has been praised by many). The song’s production was carried out by all three writers.

When was “Modern Jam” released?

On the 28th of July, Travis Scott released “UTOPIA” which is the fourth studio album of his career. “Modern Jam” appears as the 7th track on the project’s track listing.

The Kanye West Feel

As soon as you listen to this song, you instantaneously get that Kanye feel on it. And it is so uncanny and fantastic. This is because one of the song’s producers (Guy-Manuel) worked on a significant number of Kanye West songs.

Modern Jam

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