“Open Arms” by SZA (ft. Travis Scott)

The term “open arms”, as generally understood, means to gladfully receive someone, no questions asked or restrictions imposed. And although it can be said that some parts of the song leave something to be desired in terms of understandability, that appears to be what both Sza and Travis are alluding to in terms of the featured relationship.

In the second verse, the main vocalist seems to imply, in a painfully roundabout way, that her lover may be mistreating her. But, as indicated by the title, she is opting to stay committed nonetheless, apparently having decided that her current romantic interest is the one, for better or worse. 

Then in the third verse, Scott, portraying the role of said lover, also implies that the two of them go at it sometimes. But like Sza, he has decided to commit, not allowing recurrent tiffs to spell the doom of their romance.

So conclusively, “Open Arms” is a love song, and in a way a pretty standard one at that, since such pieces almost invariably highlight a willingness to commit. But this definitely isn’t the type that depicts romance, even with what appears to be a lifelong partner, as being idyllic. 

There are some treatment issues involved, at least as far as these two lovers are concerned. But more to the ultimate point is their willingness to still receive each other with “open arms”.

“Open arms (Ooh)
Open arms
You keep me open, I’m so devoted
You keep me open (Ooh)
Open arms
I’m so devoted to you, to you, to you”

Release Date of “Open Arms”

“Open Arms” was jointly released by Top Dawg Entertainment and RCA Records on December 9 of 2022. The song was released as part of SZA’s 2nd studio album “SOS.” It has been listed as the album’s opening track.  

Prior to the official release of the “SOS” album, SZA had the following singles released to champion its promotional activities:


The song was composed by the following songwriters:

  • Teo Halm
  • Solána Rowe
  • Rob Bisel
  • Michael Uzowuru
  • Jacques Webster II
  • Douglas Ford

Teo Halm, Rob Bisel and Michael Uzowuru were responsible for its production.

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