“Power is Power” by SZA, The Weeknd & Travis Scott

“Power is Power” is part of an album that was inspired by the ultra-popular HBO television series Game of Thrones – apparently in commemoration of its final season – in collaboration with Columbia Records. The chorus is song by SZA and The Weeknd, and the singular verse is performed by rapper Travis Scott.

The name of the track, which also dominates the chorus, is actually derived from one of the most-famous scenes in the series which occurred early in its second season. However, it also alludes to the overall theme of the song, which is the protagonist thriving against all types of dangerous, life-threatening odds particularly in an effort to retain power.

As for Travis Scott’s verse, it appears somewhat scatterbrained on the surface. However, it apparently holds numerous references to the series itself. And for someone to understand the intricacies behind the lines he spit would also likely require an in-depth foreknowledge of “Game of Thrones”.  In fact overall this track reads like a shoutout to the fantasy-action series, as in the artists adopting the role of one of the main characters contained therein.

Power is Power

Facts about “Power Is Power”

  • “Power is Power”, officially released on 18 April 2019, is the lead single off of the album For the Throne: Music Inspired by the HBO Series Game of Thrones. The aforementioned project was made to commemorate the eighth and final season of the ultra-popular Game of Thrones television program.
  • As such, the title of track was derived from a famous quote uttered by one of show’s most-popular characters, Cersei Lannister, during the show’s second season. Moreover the lyrics of “Power is Power” are also inspired by “Game of Thrones”.
  • The track was produced by DaHeala and Ricky Reed with assistance from the Weeknd.
  • In addition to the three headline artists, there are at least 7 other co-writers of this song.
  • The labels that released this song are Sony Music Entertainment and Columbia Records.
  • The Weeknd is a committed fan of Game of Thrones.

Is the first time SZA, the Weeknd and Travis Scott are all working together?

Yes. However, SZA has featured Travis Scott before on the 2017 track “Love Galore”. Travis Scott featured the Weeknd on “Pray 4 Love” (2015), “Wonderful” (2016), “Skeletons” (2018) and “Wake Up” (2018).

Meanwhile the Weeknd was supported by Sza on the 2018 track “Die for You (Remix)” and also Travis Scott during 2018 on “Woo (Demo)”.

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