Propaganda is a synthpop group considered one of the most influential synthpop and new wave groups to come out from Germany. The group became active in 1982 initially as a trio in the German city of Düsseldorf. In order to expand their fanbase, the grouped left Germany for Britain.

Propaganda’s first studio album titled “A Secret Wish” came out in 1985. The album was a commercial success in the United Kingdom, where it was a top 20 on the UK Albums Chart. Actually said album and its tracks are what the band is best known for.

Propaganda specializes in three major genres of music. They are as follows: Electronic, synthpop and new wave.

Singer Claudia Brücken is the most notable member of the group. Despite not being one of the founders of the group, she went on to front it and help them make it big.

The first single the band ever released was the 1984 song titled “Dr. Mabuse”. This single performed well in the United Kingdom, almost making the band a household name in Britain.

Their second single (“Duel”) was what propelled them into global stars. Said single was so successful it reached the top 5 in both Netherlands and Italy. It was also a top 30 hit in the band’s adopted home country of Britain.

Top Propaganda Songs

Below is a list of the most successful songs from the band’s musical career:

  • “Duel”
  • “Only One Word”
  • “Dr. Mabuse”
  • “p.Machinery”
  • “Heaven Give Me Words”
  • “Wound in My Heart”
  • “Valley of the Machine Gods”

All of the songs above made it into the charts of many countries with the exception of “Valley of the Machine Gods”.

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