“Second Emotion” by Justin Bieber (ft. Travis Scott)

Basically the addressee of Justin Bieber’s “Second Emotion” is a romantic interest of the singer(s). The song’s story begins with the narrator (Justin) coming off as if he is in a theater, preparing to entertain himself with a movie. But then the addressee walks by, and everything changes. That is to say that he forsakes his original plan and instead makes becoming acquainted with her his main priority.  So the title of this track is based on him asking her if she ‘seconds that emotion’.  Or succinctly put, he wants to know if she is also down with the idea of dating him. 

And the best way to describe Travis Scott’s verse is as the rapper entering the equation as someone who is willing to spread such a female that has caught his eye out, as in being intent on impressing her with his wealth. 

So we can safely conclude that this a love song – or as the Biebs himself explains it, it is a tune centered on ‘infatuation’. And why “infatuation”? Simply because the romantic interest (who is the recipient of all of the affectionate words being relayed) is actually someone he has just randomly met.

Lyrics of "Second Emotion"

Facts about “Second Emotion”

This track doesn’t mark Bieber’s first time working together with Travis Scott. For example, Bieber was featured on Scott’s 2015 track “Maria I’m Drunk”. A couple of months later, the Biebs likewise had him on “No Sense”.

The first teasing of “Second Emotion” is considered to be via a TMZ article which was published on 3 January 2020.  The song itself came out on 14 February 2020, as part of Justin Bieber’s album “Changes”. And the label that put it out is Def Jam Records.

The writing team behind “Second Emotion” consists of Bieber, Scott, Noah Sammak and the track’s producers, Poo Bear and The Audibles. The latter is a songwriting/music production duo made up of Dominic Jordan and Jimmy Giannos.

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