“Strawberry Lipstick” by YUNGBLUD

The intro of YUNGBLUD’s “Strawberry Lipstick” sums up the meaning of the whole song. In the intro, the singer refers to the song as one written “about a person” he “loves”. It therefore goes without saying that this is the person he is addressing throughout.

What does YUNGBLUD mean when he says “she’s gonna suck on my strawberry lipstick”?

Everyone who knows YUNGBLUD knows that he often wears lipsticks. And as we all know, lipsticks come in various flavors and types. So when YUNGBLUD talks about his lover sucking on his “strawberry lipstick”, he is basically referring to a very passionate intimate encounter between them, in which his lover sucking (kissing) his lips – lips which have a strawberry flavored lipsticks on.

Narrator giving us a clue about his sexual identity?

Despite it being apparently being clear that the object of YUNGBLUD’s interest is a “girl”, in the first verse, he mentions something pretty interesting that leaves his audience a little bit confused. Here, he sings about people locking him “in the closet” and him “coming out” of it. Why people are confused with this statement is because we all know what the phrase “coming out of the closet” means. And secondly, it apparently has no connection with the narrative being told in the song.

If someone comes out of the closet, they basically stop hiding the fact that they are gay and let the world know their true sexual identity.

“They’re gonna lock me in the closet but I’m coming out”

Considering the line above seems to have little to do with the story YUNGBLUD is telling in the song, some read it as YUNGBLUD’s way of telling the public that he’s gay.

But is he really gay? In one interview he had with Attitude in 2019, he said despite being straight, he considered his sexual identity as being “very fluid”. Simply put, he might consider himself straight however, he wouldn’t hesitate in being intimate with man he finds sensually attractive.

List of Composers of “Strawberry Lipstick”

  • Josh McClorey
  • Zakk Cervini
  • Chris Greatti

The song also features production from all the aforementioned writers (with the exception of McClorey).

Date of Release

The Sixteenth of July, 2020 was the official date of release of “Strawberry Lipstick”.

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