“Take What You Want” by Post Malone (ft. Ozzy Osbourne & Travis Scott)

“Take What You Want” is a song in which the artists are addressing particular romantic interests who are depicted as being callous towards their feelings. It is therefore safe to say that the lyrics are directed towards lovers who have apparently done them wrong.

Post Malone

Malone comes off as being really caught up in a toxic relationship. He had fallen for someone who is not only untruthful but also “preyed on every mistake”. By this he is insinuating that she was consistently verbally abusive towards him. Indeed she is portrayed as one of those types who would rather see her lover fail than succeed. And she conducted herself accordingly.

This romance has been so detrimental to Posty’s development that he describes himself as “wasting away”, as in slowly dying. This expression would likely point more to his emotional disposition than a physical state. Putting it simply, this lady has a habit of weakening his morale and self-esteem. And whereas he is now ‘trying to find his way out’ of the situation, it is clear that, at least for the moment, this is something which Malone is compelled to endure. That is to say that this romantic experience reads like a classic case of someone who is deeply in love with an abusive partner.

Travis Scott

Meanwhile the woman Travis Scott describes has similar attributes due to her tendency to ‘throw stones’, as in launch criticisms, at him. But he handled the situation a bit differently, insinuating that he took her negativity and instead transformed it into something positive.

But his main gripe against this lady appears to be her overly-promiscuous ways. The way Scott’s words read, particularly in his pre-chorus, it is as if he is trying to say that a few of his buddies slept with this woman also. But in all honesty he doesn’t appear as if he was overly-committed to her sensually either.

Ozzy Osbourne handles the Chorus of “Take What You Want”

Meanwhile the chorus itself, which is held down by Ozzy Osbourne, paints the artists more or less as victims of the wiles of the aforementioned ladies. Indeed the titular expression, “take what you want”, alludes to their perceived powerlessness under the given circumstances. And it is also meant to be a sarcastic sentiment. The vocalists are basically letting these women know that they are well aware of the abuse they suffer at their hands. Yet the general insinuation is that their feelings for these individuals are too strong for them to simply walk away. Or put another way, this song is based on the artists being emotionally-attached to romantic partners who abuse their trust and affections.

Lyrics of "Take What You Want"

Writing Credits for “Take What You Want”

Post Malone, Ozzy and Travis wrote “Take What You Want” along with the song’s producers (Louis Bell and Andrew Watt).

Post Malone’s first ever collaboration with Ozzy Osbourne

“Take What You Want” is a very special track to Malone since it marked the first time he got to work with rock icon Ozzy. According to him, when he first heard Ozzy wanted to collaborate with him, he was beyond surprised. He actually never thought the collaboration would happen until it did.

Post Malone on Ozzy Osbourne collaboration

Release Date of “Take What You Want”

On September 6, 2019, Republic Records released this powerful collaboration. It appears as track number 9 on “Hollywood’s Bleeding”. “Hollywood’s Bleeding” came out as the third studio album of Malone’s career).

Did Malone release “Take What You Want” as a single?

No. The only songs to have been released from this track’s album are as follows:

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