“The Blinding” by Jay Electronica (ft. JAY-Z & Travis Scott)

In “Blinding”, Jay Electronica takes a more-intellectual approach in presenting himself. In fact this tune harps back to the ‘conscious rap’ style that was once popular in 20th century hip-hop. That is to say that instead of coming off as a street hood or someone who is trying to prove that he is rich and macho, Jay rather depicts himself as the descendant of distinguished peoples from times past. So accordingly he is compelled to represent them in the present accordingly. 

He also details his professional relationship with Jay-Z, who plays more of the role of a hype man in this song. And in that regard, he presents “Hov” as someone who has encouraged him to get more serious concerning his music career. Indeed Electronica himself is compelled to grind in the name of taking care of his family, specifically his sister. 

Meanwhile Travis Scott holds down the brief chorus. And in it he is implying that they are “blinded by the light, see the stars and our sun”. What this metaphorical statement apparently alludes to would be the vocalists’ aspiration to keep striving to make it big. 

So at the end of the day, we can refer to “The Blinding” as being focused primarily on Electronica’s perception of himself as well as his dedication to his craft.

Lyrics of "The Blinding"

Quick Facts about “The Blinding”

“The Blinding” was released by Roc Nation on 13 March 2020 as part of Jay Electronica’s maiden album, “A Written Testimony”.

Electronica, being an artist signed under Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, has teamed up with Jigga in the past. However, this is his first outing with Travis Scott. That being said, readers should note that Travis is featured on another track on “A Written Testimony” entitled “Universal Soldier”.

The producers of “The Blinding” are Swizz Beatz, Hit-Boy, AraabMuzik and G. Ry. And the four of them also co-wrote the song along with Electronica, Jay-Z and Travis.

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