The Man With the Child in His Eyes – Unveiling the Layers of Introspection in Bush’s Classic

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  1. Music Video
  2. Lyrics
  3. Song Meaning
  4. Decoding the Dreamlike Muse
  5. The Timeless Echo of a Single Verse
  6. Caught in a Lyrical Labyrinth of Love
  7. A Voyage on the Seas of Self-Reflection
  8. Lasting Legacy and Enduring Influence


I hear him
Before I go to sleep
And focus on the day that’s been
I realize he’s there
When I turn the light off
And turn over
Nobody knows about my man
They think he’s lost on some horizon
And suddenly I find myself listening
To a man I’ve never known before
Telling me about the sea
Oh his love is to eternity

Ooh he’s here again
The man with the child in his eyes
Ooh he’s here again
The man with the child in his eyes

He’s very understanding and he’s so
Aware of all my situations
When I stay up late
He’s always with me
What I feel when I hesitate
Oh I’m so worried about my love
They say no, No it won’t last forever
And here I am again my girl
Wondering what on earth I am doing here
Maybe he doesn’t love me
I just took a trip on my love for him

Ooh he’s here again
The man with the child in his eyes
Ooh he’s here again
The man with the child in his eyes

Full Lyrics

In the pantheon of musical luminaries, Kate Bush shines as a beacon of innovative storytelling and poignant expression. ‘The Man with the Child in His Eyes,’ a track from her debut album ‘The Kick Inside’, presents listeners with a tapestry woven from the delicate threads of intimacy, self-reflection, and unearthly connection. This song encapsulates an ephemeral moment between consciousness and dreaming, where the protagonist contemplates an enigmatic presence.

Bush, with her ethereal vocal quality, draws us into a world that is both intensely personal and universally relatable. Through her lyrics, we are invited to explore the spectral figure of the man with the child in his eyes, a spectral figure who represents more than just a literal interpretation. The song whispers of inner connections, emotional profundity, and the complexities of love that defy simple explanations.

Decoding the Dreamlike Muse

The haunting opener, where Bush’s voice cascades into our consciousness before sleep claims us, sets the tone for a journey into the night’s embrace. The ‘man’ appears in this liminal space, suggesting a figure who exists just beyond the tangible reality, perhaps a figment of the subconscious mind or even a spiritual guardian.

This muse-like character is an overseer of the day’s experiences, and yet, remains a mystery even to the narrator herself. The lyrics do not just speak to a dreamy encounter; they unravel the enigma of an internal guidance system, the comforting voice inside that we fail to acknowledge in our wakeful state.

The Timeless Echo of a Single Verse

Singled out for its haunting beauty, the line ‘Telling me about the sea, Oh his love is to eternity’ conveys an immensity of emotion. The sea is often a literary symbol for the vast and unknowable, and Bush’s use of it here conjures feelings of a love that is incredibly deep, eternal, and inevitable.

Beyond just an infatuation, the lyrics evolve into an appreciation for a deeper, more sophisticated love. It portrays a love that is both nurturing and wise. In her calm yet assertive intonation, Kate Bush elevates the character of the man to a timeless state, elevating the romantic narrative to something spiritual and everlasting.

Caught in a Lyrical Labyrinth of Love

The recurring phrase ‘Ooh he’s here again’ is a siren call that loops throughout the track, emphasizing the cyclical nature of the character’s visits. It suggests an inexorable magnetic pull, a perpetual return of feelings, thoughts, or perhaps a secretive adoration that is hard for the protagonist to shake.

Love, as represented in Bush’s lyrics, is not straightforward. It encompasses the anxieties and uncertainties that plague the mind. The protagonist’s hesitance and her worry about this love’s longevity capture a universal fear – the fear that what feels eternal could slip through our fingers.

A Voyage on the Seas of Self-Reflection

In ‘The Man with the Child in His Eyes,’ there lies a hidden meaning – one that takes the essence of the song beyond the simplicities of romance. The man may well be an embodiment of the narrator’s inner child, representing innocence, purity, and the wisdom that comes unfiltered through the lips of babes – speaking truths that the adult mind complicates and conceals.

Her ‘trip on my love for him’ is as much a journey of self-discovery as it is about external affection. It’s about confronting the primal, innate truths we hold within and often, the ‘child’ in each of us who sees the world with unjaded eyes.

Lasting Legacy and Enduring Influence

Bush’s ability to create a song so pregnant with metaphor and allusion has cemented ‘The Man with the Child in His Eyes’ as a timeless masterpiece. The track resonates with generations of listeners, each finding their own ‘man’ within the music’s meandering notes.

Looking back, this composition stands as a reminder of Bush’s unparalleled craftsmanship in songwriting. By inviting us into her world of introspection and allegory, Kate Bush laid the groundwork for countless artists across genres to explore the depth of their own experiences with the same artistic bravery.

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