“Til Further Notice” by Travis Scott (ft. James Blake & 21 Savage)

From what we can gather, “Til Further Notice” may be the only straight-up love song found on Travis Scott’s “Utopia” album. And even then, how romantic it actually is would be based on how respective listeners define romance.

James Blake’s contribution is the one part of the song that doesn’t actually mention women. But if it is taken that he’s speaking to the same subject matter as his collaborators, then the first verse can logically be interpreted as revolving around the vocalist kicking himself for being impatient with a lady who has resultantly decided to leave him.

In the second verse, 21 Savage also admits to his ex that he ‘’should’ve treated her better’. But along those lines, he doesn’t come off as being as penitent as James. What Savage more specifically seems to regret is not realizing how serious and valuable his ex was, back when the time was ripe to actually capitalize on that reality.

Afterwards, Travis comes off as even more of a playa, someone who’s not even entertaining the possibility of getting too serious with a lady. However, his verse does focus on one in particular, who is apparently addicted to the sexual side of their relationship, and vice versa. 

She would not apparently be “the old one” he also refers to, i.e. his original squeeze, whom Scotty acknowledges as being “more fun” and trained in his ways.

Where are you going?

Meanwhile, the intro and chorus have the vocalist asking the addressee “now that you’re done with me, where would you go”. Within a romantic context, i.e. in conjunction with the rest of the song, that can be taken as a braggadocious statement, alluding to the vocalist’s belief that his ex cannot make it without him. 

But it has been put forth by some analysts that said query, as well as the titular phrase (which is ultimately used to close out the song) may be alluding to the fact that this is the last track on the playlist of “Utopia”.  And also interesting to note is that Yung Lean utilizes similar terminology in the outro of “Parasail“, another song found on the album which, unlike this track, is not romantic in nature.

“Where will you go now?
Now that you’re done with me
‘Til further notice
‘Til further notice”

Writing and Production of “Til Further Notice”

“Til Further Notice” was written by the artistic efforts of the following:

  • Travis Scott
  • 21 Savage
  • James Blake
  • Metro Boomin

All writers (with the exception of 21 Savage) also receive production credits for “Till Further Notice”.

Date of Release

“Till Further Notice” was formally released on July 28th, 2023 as part of Travis’ “Utopia” album, which is the fourth studio album of his career.

Til Further Notice

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