“TKN” by ROSALÍA & Travis Scott

“TKN” reads like a dual-themed song. On one hand Rosalía is referencing “omertà”, i.e. the life-and-death m*fia code of loyalty which we are all familiar with via mob films.  And she is doing so in reference to not favoring associating with new people. Travis Scott, on the other hand, is rapping exclusively about his sensual fascination with a  romantic interest. And it is not clear exactly how these two themes converge. But theoretically the vocalists can be portraying the role of lovers, and Rosalía in particularly is likening their ideologically commitment to the omertà. Simply put, she is saying that just as the m*fia are loyal to each other, Travis likewise “better” be loyal to her.

Facts about “TKN”

“TKN” is the second collaboration between Rosalía and Scott. The first was the “Highest in the Room (Remix)”, which Scott dropped in 2019.

This is a bilingual tune, and on it Scott raps partially in Spanish.

It has been hypothesized that the title of this song is actually a reference to the famous street-fighting videogame “Tekken”, which apparently both of the artists have an affinity for.

“TKN” was officially released by the management of both artists on 28th May, 2020.

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