“Top Floor” by Gunna (ft. Travis Scott)

According to Travis Scott’s verse, the title of this song (“Top Floor”) apparently alludes to someplace like a swanky penthouse apartment. More specifically it is where he is taking a certain romantic interest in order to entertain her. And along those same lines, the primary themes of this song are the artists’ wealth and their interactions with ladies. Or another way of phrasing it is that they are not shy about spending vast amounts of dough largely in the name of attracting and entertaining females.

All in all

Both Gunna and Travis show off their wealth largely in regards to using it to entertain romantic interests.

Writing Credits for “Top Floor”

“Top Floor” was written by Travis and Gunna along with its producers (who are mentioned below)

  • Wheezy
  • Turbo

Is this Gunna’s first collaboration with Travis Scott?

No. The artists have a long collaboration history, dating back to 2016. For example, in 2018, they both collaborated on a track titled “YOSEMITE“.

Release Date of “Top Floor”

Through a couple of labels (including 300 Entertainment), Gunna released this collaboration in May of 2020. It is actually track number 15 on his 2020 album (which is titled “WUNNA”).

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