“Yosemite” by Travis Scott (Ft. Nav & Gunna)

“Yosemite” is a track dedicated to exalting a lifestyle of extreme materialism and careless romantic affairs. In doing so, they simultaneously assert the belief that having access to these pleasures is due to a spiritual blessing.

It is unclear why the song is called “Yosemite”, named after a famous national park in the United States.  However, it probably has something to do with this area being popularly associated with volcanoes, which ‘blow up’. Likewise this track is also about ‘blowing up’, a slang term used in the hip-hop community synonymous with a high level of success. And this theory may be supported by the fact that on the album art for Astroworld, the album this song belongs to, Travis Scott is seen blowing fire out of his mouth, just like a volcano spews fire.


During the chorus Gunna basically brags about his wealth, specifically the types and name brands of the pricey items he possess. He also makes brief mention of a female that he is also flossing out and insinuates that he has achieved this success via a hard-work ethic.


In terms of theme, Scott’s verse is basically the same as the chorus. Indeed he even re-mentions the name brand “Saint Laurent” that Gunna also gave a shoutout to and which both of them mention in the second chorus. However, this is not an innocent case of the artists being really impressed with a particular brand. Why? Because as of the writing of this song Scott is an official spokesperson of this company.


In both the chorus and first verse, the idea is put forth that the performers are “blessed”, indeed even being protected by “angels”. This sentiment is reasserted in the bridge, as Traverse Scott forthrightly expresses his belief that he’s “chosen”.


The outro by Nav once again is centered on the artist’s personal success. Here, he specifically talks about how he is moving up in the game as is manifest by him being able to afford an increasingly-expensive lifestyle.

In both the choruses and the outro, a “jet” is mentioned. It is known to fans that Scott has a fascination for jet. He even uses one in the official Yosemite music video.


4 thoughts on ““Yosemite” by Travis Scott (Ft. Nav & Gunna)”

  1. I think the title might also mean Yo Semite,Semite meaning descendants of shem (son of Noah) who ultimately are called Jews even though the word Semite might also refer to other groups of people. So i think Travis might be making a relation to Israelites status of God’s chosen people.In the song he says “i feel like am chosen,covered in gold”

  2. Yea…this songs disturbing. Ppl goin missing in National Parks. AC harvesting n he says eat her flesh. Come on…deeper meaning. They all compromised n sick 😷!!!!!

    1. shut the fuck up he meant in another way dumbass, all compromised n sick my ass justshowing how you dont feel the vibe of this song

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